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You can rent 8 private resorts in Antipollo

Cstaying indoors and quarantined for a long time has caused predominant stress for both children and adults. According to an article published by, Falling asleep, talking to your closest friends (even on Zoom) and unwinding help you deal with stress.

And speaking of unwinding, you should check whether to stay in the recommended private resorts in Antipollo while practicing proper social distancing.

There are many cafes, restaurants and attractions to see in Antipolo. Plus! Just a few hours from the subway, and the weather is a little nice. From cafes overlooking the horizon to restaurants offering fresh food menus with modern twists, there are only many things to discover in the city called the “city in the sky”.

To help you with your search, here are the best private resorts in Antipollo that you can rent for a stay without any specific order. Enjoy reading!

The private resort of M. Tanabe

The private resort of M. Tanabe

You don’t have to travel far for a long stay. While air travel may not be the case this year, you may want to explore Mt. Tanabe’s private resort in Antipollo for a relaxing getaway.

The price range for the day tour is 14,000 Php with a maximum of 20 guests. You can enjoy the use of their bedroom, along with Netflix services, their jacuzzi and hot tub. The resort is also equipped with barbecue grill, refrigerator, cooler and free kettle. Additional mattresses can be requested before the date of arrival.

Finally, their 4-5 foot pool is also ideal if you have children to join you as well.

Website: Facebook book:

The Grounds Resort

The photo of The Grounds Resort Antipolo via FB pageThe photo of The Grounds Resort Antipolo via FB page

Location: Lot 7 P. Oliveros St. Brgy. Works Paz 1870 Antipolo

Three words: cozy, warm and attractive.

Thirsty for a lazy afternoon swim surrounded by towering trees? Visit Grounds Resort on your next stay and experience a rejuvenating getaway.

Guests have already rented this place for weddings and special occasions because of its rural mood. You can enjoy its antique corners surrounded by potted plants while reading a book while enjoying your hot cup of coffee. Even their rooms show muted shades and natural materials to stay in tune with the resort’s rustic atmosphere.

The price varies from 12,000 PHP to 22,000 PHP depending on what house to rent and the number of guests.

Facebook: Mobile phone: 0917 153 2277 E-mail address:

Holiday house – Antipolo

Holiday house - Antipolo
Holiday house – Antipolo

Location: 1st Avenue, # 2 Zinnia Drive, Beverly Hills Subdivision 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

Staying at The Rest House is as close as possible to the feeling of being in Bali. This private resort is surrounded by lush greenery and you will feel closer to nature as you catch up with your friends.

Another impressive thing about this resort is that they renovate and disinfect their rooms with a fog machine.

The highlight would probably be their large pool with less jacuzzi on the side. Perfect for a photo worthy of Instagram! Even bloggers and other influential people have chosen this resort as their place for special occasions!

Facebook: Mobile phone: 09770254873

The sanctuary of Philip

Phillips Sanctuary in Antipolo photo via FB page
Phillips Sanctuary in Antipolo photo via FB page

Address: Pestanho Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Be one with nature when you visit the Sanctuary of Philip, located in Sitio Panlilingan, Pestano Farm Road, Antipolo. This place offers a place for swimming and offers various recreational activities from kayaking, fishing, adventures with bicycle paths, ziplining, camping and ore. Don’t forget to dine at their open-air restaurant, The Club Club.

If you are more of an outdoor person and have forgotten to enjoy some adventures, try booking Phillip Sanctuary today.

Email: Phone: 738-1375; 707-8877; 435-2866 Mobile phone: 0917-706-0916 0917-708-5367 0920-938-5068

Beverly Hills Residence

Photo from Beverly Hills Antipolo residence via FB page
Photo from Beverly Hills Antipolo residence via FB page

Location: 18 Begonia Street, Beverly Hills, Antipolo, Rizal

Enjoying some RnR with a loved one can help you feel less lonely and isolated. With the relaxed atmosphere of this Beverly Hills residence, you are sure to relax. Take a dip in their huge pool overlooking the city. Unlike other hotels and resorts, this private resort has no evening hours at all, although this is yet to be confirmed depending on the date you visit (whether we still have an increased restriction or not.)

The resort can accommodate up to 20 guests with four air-conditioned rooms. Each room is clean and other needs may be requested. Guests can also enjoy free WiFi, video games and a veranda.

Email: Mobile: 0927 946 1855Social media accounts: IG: @ beverlyhills_privateresort | FB:

Villa Elisha

Villa Elisha Antipolo
Villa Elisha Antipolo

Location: Pestanho Farm Trail, Antipolo, Rizal

Breathe in a little fresh and book your next stay here at Villa Elisha. It has been reviewed by many travel bloggers and has been called the ideal forest hideout in Antipollo. It is hidden in the eco-resort “Phillip’s Sanctuary”, where your family can also enjoy various activities.

The resort has a two-storey house with three rooms, an attic, a full kitchen and toiletries and, of course, an accent, a private pool with magnificent views of the forest. Don’t worry about all the goods you will eat for the next day, because the resort also has a huge refrigerator!

Did we forget to mention it? They have books in their rooms!

They also have a barbecue area surrounded by tall trees and one can really enjoy the noise of nature while baking a barbecue and drinking fresh carbonated water or beer.

Email: Facebook book: Mobile phone: 0917 834 7296

Resort Tivo

Tyvo Resort Antipolo
Tyvo Resort Antipolo

Address: Blk 16 Lt 9 Mt. Banahaw St, Grand Heights division. Antipolo, 1870 Rizal10001

Did you miss your birthday last year? Why not celebrate your next special occasion here at Tyvo ?!

This gem overlooks the skyscrapers of Metro Manila and Laguna de Bey. They also offer their place as a place for weddings, debuts and other special occasions. The three rooms of Tyvo have each of their rooms for comfort and a veranda connecting all 3 rooms. But most importantly, you should check their roof – perfect for a cold beer with friends and just watching the majestic view.

Available for daily rent for only 9,000 Php with free use of swimming pool, karaoke, two bedrooms, billiards, charcoal grill, tables and chairs, cooking area and four toilets.

IG: @tyvoresort Mobile phone: + 63-927-966-5597 Website:

The villa

Photo of Villa Antipolo via FB page
Photo of Villa Antipolo via FB page

Location: Town & Country Heights in San Luis, Antipolo

Is your week getting chaotic enough and you need to relax quickly this weekend?

The villa can be your next promising stay in Antipollo. For just 6500 Php, you and your group of five can enjoy using their air-conditioned rooms – including Netflix, Bluetooth speakers and PS4. Outdoors you can use the outdoor ihawan, pool and board games. Their 5-foot pool is also ideal for those planning to bring their children with them.

They also have a 360-degree roof where they can hang out and drink a little. You can also try their paluto service, which is available on request. Try sending them Facebook messages on the desired date of your visit and the number of guests.

Social media account: FB:

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