With the Vaccine Passport, you can now visit Hawaii

It will now be easier to travel to Hawaii if you are vaccinated against Covid-19, as the government is working to allow tourists who have been vaccinated and have a vaccination passport to bypass quarantine.

According to the latest reports, the island state is working on a system for vaccinated people where they would be provided with an electronic code to make it easier for them to travel around the islands and also skip the mandatory 10-day quarantine.

This program will be launched early on March 1 and will initially be rolled out to essential state workers who have received the full dose of the COVID vaccine. Reports also claim that this would revive tourism in the Aloha State and make it easier for certain travelers to enter the region.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green stated that this program will likely be applied to essential workers first, and then expanded to the general public and later to tourists.

He later said, “This is the way to restore our economy very quickly; we’re likely to see a big increase in visitors by say fall this way.”

As of now, tourists are allowed to skip the mandatory quarantine if they can show a negative covid-19 test from a certified laboratory taken within 72 hours of boarding the flight.

Hawaii is one of the latest countries to adopt this measure, which includes countries such as Denmark and Iceland. In addition, Georgia and Seychelles have already adopted this measure.

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