Top things to do in Coron, Palawan

Top things to do in Coron – Attractions on Earth

Planning a visit to Coron, Palawan and don’t know the best Coron activities to include on your Coron Itinerary?

Read this article and discover an insider’s key activities in Coron. From island hopping to local food, from breathtaking natural landscapes to fun Coron tours – and beyond that, this article has you all the best things to do in Coron!

Top things to do in Coron, Palawan

There are endless activities to keep you occupied and fascinated in paradise. With so many gorgeous beach and dive resorts, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are so many unique attributes in every resort. Use this as a guide to help you find things to do while on vacation and find some of the best resorts in Coron, Palawan. Here are the 10 best things to do during your visit to Coron!

Island hopping

Island hopping opens the doors to a wide variety of activities to do on your trip to Coron.

You can visit Twin Lagoons Island, Culion Leper Colony, and Banul Beach, which offer diverse cultures and historical experiences unique to each location.

Twin Lagoons is one of the top destinations in Coron and has a cave and plenty of space for swimming and snorkeling.

The only way to reach this popular destination is by boat. The Culion Leper Colony has a rich history with leprosy.

After nearly eight decades of trauma, this colony now stands tall with a museum where you can learn the full history of the sand you are visiting.

Scuba diving

The Philippines are very well known for their many dive sites. Your vacation will not be complete without diving!

During your stay in Coron, you won’t be disappointed with the many dive sites available.

Wherever you choose, whether it’s Morazan Maru in Coron or the Kalambuyan Reefs near Coron Bay, there is hardly a bad spot for swimmers and divers. Dive resorts like Sangat Island Dive Resort and Club Paradise Palawan are the best beach resorts in Coron.

These exclusive Coron resorts are accessible by boat and offer only the best in service and leisurely activities.

Best things to do in Coron, Palawan

Hot Springs

How often do you find nice hot springs to relax in? The best time to visit hot springs on this island is when the sun goes down.

Not only do you have a majestic view, but the physical experience becomes much better too.

At night, the temperatures in the hot spring begin to drop and act as a good balance to this light cold.

You will feel refreshed and calm at the Maquinit hot springs in Coron. It is one of the few hot salt water springs in the world.

Tall, lush mangrove trees surround the area so you can hang out in the shade and enjoy the tranquil springs.

Visit Culion Island

As mentioned before, you can take a beach tour to Culion Island and take part in the fascinating history lessons of Culion Island.

This island was only declared a leprosy-free area in the 1980s and has numerous historical features. While most activities in Coron focus on the sparkling seas, this enticing adventure offers plenty of action on land.

Take a stroll to Culion Church, the walls of which were previously part of an ancient fortress. Every square foot of this island has historical significance.

The cobblestones, the houses and the churches all have a story to tell. It’s a perfect place to go on foot as there is always something interesting to discover as you walk past.

Visit a WWII shipwreck site

Perfect for history buffs who enjoy being able to physically touch a piece of history. Visiting the shipwreck site is only half the intrigue. The closer the better, which means you can snorkel in the clear blue waters to get to the locations.

Wreck diving is a major tourist attraction in Coron. Check out Irako, which is not only home to many shipwrecks, but also an amazing biodiversity, including sea turtles, scorpionfish, and yellow fins.

Try the kitchen

Coron activities to try out

While visiting this beautiful paradise, you must try the food in Coron!

Because of the agriculture in the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood, many of Coron’s best dishes are fresh and locally prepared. Rabbit fish is the popular local fish that is widespread in Coron.

Don’t miss out on trying this popular fish. Try Levine’s for a menu that will appeal to both meat eaters and vegans and vegetarians on this trip.

The menu is extensive and gives you the chance to sample a slice of Filipino cuisine. You can also enjoy amazing ocean views while dining at this homestyle Filipino restaurant.

Go hiking!

On Mt. Tapyas, you’ll feel superior when you see the classic Hollywood sign that says “Coron” in capital letters. Take a closer look at the sign by hiking up the mountain for a panoramic view of the city.

As intimidating as this hike may sound, the hike only takes about 15 minutes. Perfect for an after-lunch activity! Or, if you’d rather work up a sweat, you can climb Humphreys Peak at nearly 13,000 feet!

When you have reached your destination, you can relax for a while and watch the sunset or the starry sky with a clear sky.

Visit the Kayangan Lake

A popular destination for Coron Island hopping tours is Kayangan Lake. Known as one of the cleanest bodies of water not only in the Philippines but also in all of Asia.

This fascinating body of water can be visited with a group tour or with a private boat. Once you get to this famous body of water, you have to take a nature walk. If you stroll past the limestone foundations, you will no doubt be incomplete and in awe.

The trip to the bay adds to the iconic reputation of this turquoise body of water. Don’t forget to take a few pictures to capture the moment forever.

Firefly waiting tour

All you need to have a night to remember is part of this firefly experience. Coron offers the “Coron Glittering Fireflies and Bioluminescence Night Tour”.

Once you’ve bought a ticket, you’re buying a night to remember. This tour takes place in the Mangrove Forest Park in Coron. The tour also includes a quiet wooden boat cruise along the sparkling Iwahig River.

After the boat portion of the tour is over, guests will receive dinner at the Pange’t Firefly Floating Restaurant.

The fireflies aren’t the only things that light up the sky: they can also sniff the stars as all the vibrant lights reflect in the river – great for couples looking for a romantic date on vacation.

Stay in Coron, Palawan’s best resorts!

Staying at resorts while visiting the Philippines opens the doors to many of the activities on this list, such as snorkeling, diving, island hopping tours, etc. Many resorts offer exclusive memberships and opportunities that the average visitor would not experience.

Some of the best resorts in Coron are Cashew Grove Beach Resort and Pirates Diving Resort. When not on the beach or on the hiking trails, relax by the pool or in the unique surroundings of the suites at these resorts.

The resorts in Coron make it their business to make their guests feel like royalty on vacation. They improve the paradise experience.

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