The rise of wellness tourism

The pandemic has brought the biggest decline in modern history, forcing people to adapt to major lifestyle changes as the world shifts its focus to taking preventative health measures so people not to become infected with COVID.

People have started looking for ways to help improve their physical health and pay attention to their mental health, which is leading to an increase in wellness tourism and health-oriented vacations. Places like San Benito Farm, CG Hospitality – the hospitality of the Nepal-based conglomerate CG Corp Global – is a perfect example of this.

The rise of wellness tourism – a medical pavilion on the farm

A pioneer and leading medical wellness resort in the Philippines, the farm has contributed to the country’s tourism industry in terms of medical travel and wellness tourism – attracting a new influx of travelers as wellness enthusiasts, health seekers and conscious consumers.

Dr. Homer Lim
Dr. Homer Lim

In addition to being an environmentally sustainable business and green destination, the Farm also offers various health promotions under medical supervision, disease prevention, immune support programs and medical services accredited by CIGNA Healthcare Insurance.

Nestled at the foot of Malaray Mountain in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines, the farm’s proximity to Manila makes it an ideal refuge for local travelers who want to relieve stress while on their health trips. Its private spaces guarantee guests that they can enjoy a clean environment without COVID, while providing a fresh, breathtaking nature to Mother Nature.

The farm maintains its status as a safe haven without COVID and treatment environment throughout its activities, following a multimodal approach against COVID-19 to protect guests and employees at all times. It has set up its own COVID on-site testing center (RT-PCR and antigen tests for nasal swabs), administered by doctors and licensed health professionals. In addition, employees are required to undergo regular Covid tests. The farm also offers ichromaTM? II immunoassay diagnostic machine that determines the level of antibodies against COVID.

All facilities on the farm are disinfected with Sanivir Smoke Disinfectant, which has been proven by international laboratories to effectively eliminate all types of viruses, including coronavirus, on surfaces and in the air.

The farm is also the first in the country to use BetterAir solution, which disperses environmentally friendly probiotics in all its enclosed spaces to create a clean, pathogen- and allergen-free, healthy indoor environment.

With all these safety measures, the Farm was certified by Healing Hotels of the World in Germany with a treatment certificate recognizing the highest achievement in safety and sanitation protocols and its commitment to holistic healing. The farm also received a Safety Seal from the Philippine Department of Tourism and Safe Travel from the World Tourism Council.

The farm has also become a favorite destination for wellness work, where wellness, work and rest meet. Once wellness work has been successfully introduced in the country, it is possible to continue “working from home” in nature, while having access to a strong WiFi connection and IT support, while immersing yourself in well-being and transformative experiences.

Celebrities, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs have already experienced this concept of wellness work, some of whom have stayed for at least 1 month to more than a year, taking advantage of a safe, quiet and private place, which is natural favorable for work and well-being.

As part of a holistic approach to wellness, The Farm ensures guests enjoy nourishing superfoods to increase productivity and mental clarity that will help them work more efficiently. The farm’s wellness kitchens – vegan, vegetarian and pesquetarian – are essential components of the concept of medicinal food, which advocates the philosophy of plant, local, organically grown and from farm to fork. Choosing a wellness kitchen on the farm aims to promote gut health, vitality and longevity. Guests can choose from 3 wellness restaurants.

Embracing the concept from farm to fork, ALIVE! The restaurant offers fresh, vegan cuisine, organic food and home-grown products that promote detoxification and gut health. This award-winning restaurant practices innovative foods and serves delicious and innovative vegan dishes, using organic ingredients to provide the body with all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs.

PRANA is the newest wellness kitchen on the farm, influenced by the concept of Ayurveda, which has existed for thousands of years. This is the Sanskrit word for breathing, life force or life energy. It offers Indian vegetarian dishes filled with vital energy through the inclusion of herbs and spices.

PESCE is a farm pesquetarian restaurant inspired by the Mediterranean Blue Zone® diet. Named after the Italian word for fish, PESCE offers pesquetarian dishes focused on health and longevity.

The menu consists of consciously cultivated organic live foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and wild-caught fish as a source of protein for a fuller source of the nutrients the body needs. Blue Zones® are longevity hotspots around the world that reflect the lifestyle and environment of the world’s longest-lived people.

The San Benito Holistic Medical Wellness Center farm is run by Dr. Homer Lim, medical director and holistic cancer care specialist, along with integrative physicians specializing in preventive, lifestyle, functional, naturopathic and holistic medicine, supported by a team of licensed health professionals from nurses, colon hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, aesthetic therapists and dental hygienists, spa therapists, yoga teachers, fitness trainers, live food cooks and sound therapists to help guests lead a healthier lifestyle. life during your journey to optimal well-being.


The farm is a pioneer in the country in implementing an IMMUNE SUPPORT PROGRAM, which includes tests for COVID, holistic treatments under medical supervision to support the immune system, nutrient-rich organic vegan dishes and drinks, microbiome nutrition, conscious movements and more.

Like other holistic programs, it includes psycho-emotional sessions that deal with the mental health and emotional state of guests – two things that can be severely affected as people feel isolated while following quarantine protocols.

A certain population of people who have developed COVID-19 infections may suffer from a ‘postcoid syndrome’ that can last up to 6 months after infection. This is characterized by persistent symptoms that may include fatigue, mental fog, cough, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, occasional difficulty breathing, muscle and joint pain, and digestive problems.

Vitamin infusion
Vitamin infusion

To address this, the Farm’s team of medical experts devised an AFTER COVID RECOVERY PROGRAM that includes Covid tests, daily nutrient-rich organic vegan meals and detox juice, holistic counseling, brain biological feedback, live blood analysis , colon cleansing, acupuncture, Vitamin infusion, liver compress, energy treatment, immune cell renewal, steam therapy, ozone therapy, sustainable program discussion, with daily free conscious and functional fitness activities such as yoga, mandala flower meditation, healing with sound, energy walk, wellness talks and more.

Dolphin Neurostim
Dolphin Neurostim

The farm is also partnering with Living Life Well Medical Group, which offers Cigna Global Healthcare-accredited services and treatments for pain and mental health problems – health problems that prevailed during the pandemic.

The pain management program, which focuses on work-related illnesses and chronic pain, helps with symptoms while addressing the root cause of the problem. On the other hand, the farm’s mental health management program helps with work-related depression, stress and anxiety.

The programs are carefully planned and conducted by internationally trained integrative physicians and mental health experts.

The one-bedroom villa Lacan on the farm
The one-bedroom villa Lacan on the farm

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