The forests of Uttarakhand are home to the forest bathing concept, famous in Japan.

The first forest healing centre opens to the public on Sunday at Kalika near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. This healing concept is based on the basis that people will be healthy by connecting with nature.

This healing centre is unique in India, where people are encouraged to hug trees, walk barefoot in the grass, lie on their backs and gaze at the trees or look at the sky to soothe their senses. For visitors to meditate, beautiful wooden structures are built for them to meditate here with noise-free surroundings.

This inspiration of having a forest bath comes from the Japanese technique of forest bathing ( Shinrin-Yoku) and reports have suggested that the healing centre has been developed under the detailed study of the revitalizing impact of forests on human health and has been researched under the research wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department.

Young woman sitting near the beautiful lake in nature.

Well-known Ranikhet environmentalist Joginder Bisht inaugurated the centre, which is spread over 13 ac. Chief conservator of forests Sanjiv Chaturvedi said hugging trees would have a positive impact by increasing good hormones in the body, such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.

Sanjiv Chaturvedi, also said that the reason for setting up the healing centre in a forest dominated by pine trees is that studies have found that conifers like pine trees emit certain oil compounds, called phytoncides, to defend against various pathogens and microbes.

According to research, these oily compounds have been found to help multiply natural killer cells in our blood, which in turn helps fight infection and keep disease at bay.

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