The best places to stay in New York

The best places to stay in New York

Some cities and destinations are known all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been or live a thousand miles away, some places are just so iconic that you just learn about it and only know about it from existing ones. New York is one of those places. It is one of the largest cities in the country by population, but exists only on an island of 305 square miles. If you’ve ever watched a movie or a TV show, you know New York. You have also seen it in some way that leads to its spread in our modern culture. It is one of the world’s centers for trade, fashion, food, entertainment and art. It has one of the most recognizable silhouettes, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building.

We’ve always been excited to travel to New York, but where to stay is a mystery. How much do we have to pay? Is it worth it? Will I be close to the things I want to see? How about taxis? Is it safe? These are all questions we ask ourselves when booking in New York, whether for a day or more.

You may “know” New York, but the fact is that the city is so big and ever-changing that to know it, you have to live it, and even then people who have lived in the city for years still find new things from the time of time. The city is divided into five districts; Manhattan, Quinn, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Each of the areas can offer a little something different, so finding a place to stay is a matter of what you want to see and do and how much you are willing to spend. So if you are visiting the Big Apple, check out some of these best places to stay in New York.

Midtown Manhattan

New York is big and has a lot to see. If you are visiting the city for the first time and want to do the typical New York tourist thing, then you will want to stay in Midtown. This is the area that is right in the middle of Manhattan. There is culture, art and shopping. You can spend all day choosing your perfect outfit before going to a wide show or spending the afternoon watching Times Square.

Plaza Hotel: If you want to unwind while you’re in New York, look no further than the legendary Plaza Hotel. Opened in 1907, the hotel is built in a French-style Renaissance castle and is located between 58th Street and South Central Park. If you are looking for luxury, that’s all. The hotel is famous for its balls, 24-carat gilded bodies and designer spa experiences. Its neighbors are Louis Vuitton and Chanel, while its permanent residents include CEOs, musicians and fashion designers.

Seton Hotel: For more affordable but chic options, Seton Hotel is a great place to stay in Midtown. All rooms have modern décor, a minibar, WiFi and a work desk, while services include a 24-hour reception and a living area. The hotel is just a stone’s throw from attractions such as the Empire State Building, Time’s Square and Grand Central Station. Prices will take you about $ 150-200

Hotel 31: For the budget traveler, Hotel 31 is an ideal and simple option. The hotel is located right in the heart of Midtown and let’s be honest, chances are you probably won’t spend much time in your hotel room anyway. All guest rooms have a TV, telephone and WiFi access. While places like Times Square, Madison Square Garden and Rockefeller Center are a short walk away. Prices at Hotel 31 are usually under $ 130.

The Seton Hotel is close to everything in Manhattan.

Soho and the Lower East Side

So maybe you’ve spent a day or two in the city before and know you’re a little around. Instead of staying where all the tourists are, you can check your stay in the Lower East Side or Soho. The lower east side is more of a residential area and one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Instead of big tourist attractions and crowds of people posing with a man in a spider-man costume in Times Square, the Lower East Side and Soho are more like retro shops, boutique shops, weird cafes and amazing restaurants.

Hotel Crosby Street: If you are looking for an old-fashioned and cool place to stay in Soho with the charm and class of the old world, Crosby Street Hotel is the place. Sitting on an old cobbled street, the striking façade of the hotel is one you can’t ignore. The guest rooms have massive floor-to-ceiling windows offering tons of light, along with high ceilings, a TV, WiFi and elegant décor. Relax in the private courtyard, enjoy a gourmet breakfast, read a book by the fireplace on the drawing or enjoy a movie in the hotel’s private theater on Sundays. Crosby Street Hotel is a high-end venue and will cost you $ 210 per night and more.

Sohotel: For a mid-range hotel in Soho, the Sohotel is a great place with a lot of personality. The boutique hotel offers modern guest rooms with exposed brick walls, flat-screen TVs, WiFi and concierge services. Explore the bar and grab a few cocktails with colleagues or enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant.

Either: Located in the Lower East Side, The Ridge is a budget hotel, but you won’t know it while you’re here. Go out on the rooftop terrace and explore the views of Manhattan, or head out and check out the city on a short walk. The guest rooms are well-equipped with amenities such as marble tiled baths, flat-screen TVs and free WiFi.


The Ridge Hotel is a budget hotel, but you would not understand it by its appearance and amenities.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brooklyn, even though it’s part of New York, really feels like it’s something of its own. The area is home to over 2 million people and requires crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to get there. The area is a little less noisy and bustling than Manhattan just above the water, but that adds to its charm. If you want to get into the city, it’s easy to do, but if you want to check out the uniqueness that Brooklyn has to offer in its own small niche neighborhoods, then you’ll have a great time. Staying in Brooklyn offers the opportunity to explore amazing art, restaurants, a beer garden and cafes while still just a 30-minute subway ride to Manhattan.

The William Vale: Located in Williamsburg, this unique-looking building is one of the most luxurious in the area. Rooms are modern and elegant, and the property is in the heart of the area, and nearby landmarks such as the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Museum are a short distance away. But where The William Vale really shines is the rooftop pool on the 19th floor and the award-winning restaurant, offering both in-room and dining options. Local artists have been commissioned to decorate the space, so if you’re looking for a taste of high-end Brooklyn, look no further.

Under Brooklyn: Something more typical Williamsburg than a strange and colorful hotel. Pod Brooklyn is a mid-range hotel designed in an interesting way. The property is divided by four buildings with a courtyard in the middle and bridges connecting the buildings. Pod Brooklyn also offers work and living areas with coffee and pastries, as well as a free breakfast served in the morning. Get some sun and enjoy views of the rooftop lounge or explore the nearby Brooklyn Brewery or Williamsburg Music Hall.

NY Moore Hostel: For a place in Brooklyn that will cost you less than $ 50, the NY Moore Hostel is an affordable place that brings everything cool from Williamsburg. Free tea and coffee are available throughout the day, and events such as free movies and comedy shows are a regular meal. Mix up in the yard with colleagues or play a game or two of table football and plan your next adventure.

William Vale

The William Vale will give you a taste of high-end Brooklyn.

Long Island, Queens

Located east of Manhattan, Queens is technically the geographic center of New York. Queens is also home to the world’s largest ethnically diverse region with small ethnic enclaves living side by side. Queens is 15 minutes by public transport from Manhattan, so if you want to save on accommodation, you can stay in Queens and still be close to Manhattan, as you are not directly in the city.

Hotel Boro: On average about $ 200 per night, the Boro Hotel offers large windows that allow plenty of natural light and amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. The modern rooms are equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, TV access and plush bathrobes so you can relax after a hot shower. Have a free morning breakfast or enjoy a few cocktails in the evening at the on-site bar. Trains Q and N are a short walk away, so if you’re heading to Manhattan, public transport is just around the corner.

Local New York: With accommodations for less than $ 50, this hostel is the perfect place to spend a night or two without breaking the bank. Forget what you think a hostel is, because here you can choose public or private rooms, enjoy large floor-to-ceiling windows, sun loungers on the roof terrace and grab a local beer, straight from the tap on the site bar.


The Boro Hotel in Queens is a great opportunity for travelers. Very chic and modern with great city views.

The Bronx

As the only neighborhood on the continent, the Bronx is the only place called The. Named after the Swedish settler Joseph Bronk, who bought the land from the Indians, the people who had to travel through the area would pass through the “land of the Bronk” and so the name remained. Like other neighborhoods, the Bronx has its own individual personality and history. It is home to the New York Yankees, the birthplace of hip-hop and an important cultural area for Italian-Americans. The Bronx is fun and wildly diverse.

Hotel Opera House: The Opera House hotel was The Opera Bronx Opera House. The building that previously hosted the Marx and Harry Houdini brothers can now accommodate you. The building was completed in 1913 and in 2013 was opened as a newly renovated luxury hotel. Enjoy modern amenities with classic and authentic bodies while enjoying museum-worthy works of art and design. The nearby Bronx Museum and Yankee Stadium make it convenient to watch a game or museum, while the room comes with WiFi access, a TV, toiletries, luxury bed linen and even a free cookie.

Hotel The Edge: If you are looking for something affordable in the Bronx, this is a great option. With the style of a price-free boutique hotel, The Edge Hotel offers guest rooms with free WiFi access, TV, air conditioning, desk and toiletries. Guests can also work out for free at the on-site fitness center and use the concierge service if they need help with anything.


The Opera House was completed in 1913 and updated in 2013. The rooms are reasonably priced and the hotel enjoys great reviews.

With tons of places to stay in New York, the opportunities to explore the city are almost limitless. Whether you want to break into the bank and experience it in a luxury hotel or just stay somewhere simple and enjoy all that the city has to offer, there are many places to satisfy every taste. Whether you are visiting for the first time or have been to New York many times before, these hotels will make every trip unforgettable. Where are the places to stay?