The best indoor activities in Dubai - Travel and leisure

The best indoor activities in Dubai – Travel and leisure

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Dubai, although hot all year round, gets a crazy number of steps every year. If you haven’t included Dubai in your bucket list due to the scorching heat, let us introduce you to the best indoor activities in Dubai that you can enjoy and stay away from the sun. All of these indoor activities can meet different types of interests and ages.

Against gravity in Bounce Dubai

Who wouldn’t want to exercise by jumping up and down and having fun? If you do, visit Bounce Dubai, an indoor trampoline park. This park is designed perfectly to help fun seekers resist gravity. In fact, this is the best place to test your trampoline skills. By indulging in a fun game, you can burn some calories without sweating. Young and old call for free jumping and to develop the basics of Parkour in this park. This facility has a massive free jumping area to allow fun seekers to try to throw in the air, climb up a wall that runs vertically, and just jump around for fun.

Bounce Dubai

Sky dive in iFly Dubai

If you are intrigued by watching characters skipping places in movies, try diving in iFly Dubai. Located in City Center Mirdif, this indoor facility is ideal for simulating a flying experience. It is designed to help adults and children dive into the sky without carrying a parachute and jumping from a plane. To experience this thrill, you have to put on your flight gear and enter a double vertical wind tunnel. All instructions will be provided by a personal assistant. When the equipment is turned on, you will fly in the air and experience a rush of adrenaline that travels throughout your body. The kind of flight experience that iFly Dubai offers is fascinating and exciting.

iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai

Ice skating on a slide in Dubai

The Dubai Ice Rink, located in the Dubai Mall, is ideal for the whole family. The ice rink in Dubai is one of its kind throughout the Middle East. It is designed for all ages, whether beginner or experienced, to enjoy ice skating. You can skate in this Olympic-sized slide and enjoy music from the indoor DJ at the same time. This family fun destination is perfect for learning ice skating. You can save yourself and your children and learn how to glide on the snow. This facility also offers ice rental packages to hockey teams for regular training and event schools.

Slide in Dubai

Slide in Dubai

A challenging reality in VR Park, Dubai

VR Park combines augmented reality and virtual reality through 18 superb interactive experiences and walks. This is a paradise for gamers, which invites adventures in every corner. This is the best place to retreat from unpleasant realities through digression or fantasy. The park mainly focuses on “shared escapism” so that many people can experience the same game at once. However, according to the latest update, each activity / game can only be used by 4 people. The virtual reality landscape that the park offers to gamers includes countless genres such as horror, sports, education, leisure, adrenaline and more. This indoor virtual indoor park is the largest in the world and offers a variety of walks and experiences for all ages.

VR Park Dubai

VR Park Dubai

Snowboarding and skiing in Dubai

Who can think of finding ice in the desert? But in Dubai, anything is possible. What natural things it is deprived of is invented with the use of technology. You don’t have to go to a country where icefall is common. This place will literally take you to the winter wonderland and make you forget that you are in a city built in the desert.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

This indoor ski resort is the third largest in the world and a perfect destination to beat the heat. Ski Dubai offers relaxed and exciting activities for the slow and adrenaline-seeking. Here you can give your children the best snowboard and ski lessons. There is no shortage of things to do in this amazing snow park. From riding down a giant ball to playing snow, snow tubes, exploring an ice cave, zipped snowballs and interacting with local penguins, Ski Dubai, located in The Mall of Emirates, is extremely popular with tourists for the most best indoor activities in Dubai.

Testing of physical and mental abilities in Jumble, Dubai

Have you seen the Hollywood movie “Runner in the Maze” and want to test your skills in this type of environment? If so, then head to Jumble Dubai. Located in Al Barsha, this facility is a maze built by incorporating various elements such as colored doors and brick walls with lighting and many twists. The maze offers many puzzles and problems that players must solve by moving from one room to another. And each room throws a new obstacle in front of them. What makes the puzzles challenging is their sensitivity to time. If it is not resolved in the allotted time, players must go where they started.

Jumble Dubai

Jumble, Dubai

Challenge your senses in the Museum of Illusions

Located in Dubai’s Al Sea neighborhood, the Museum of Illusions is like a whirlwind that will challenge you and force you to question reality. The museum has many strange and amazing exhibits, puzzles and optical illusions that make you spin. All exhibits are superbly constructed that will make you scratch your head. The challenge is that you can’t go straight when passing through a vortex tunnel that simulates a rotating cylinder while it’s a flat surface. You can even grow and reduce your size when standing in front of an exhibition in Ames’ room. There is also a terrifying experience as you walk around the room and are watched by Albert Einstein through picture frames hanging on the wall. The museum also has a sloping room where you can try Michael Jackson’s famous move to lean forward and resist gravity. The best room in the museum is best to place the pose as you wish. If you lack company, then enjoy your own round table.

Museum of Illusion, Dubai

Museum of Illusion, Dubai

Dubai is teeming with an “n” number of indoor activities that are difficult to gather in one place. That’s why we’ve included things you shouldn’t miss. Indulging in some of the best indoor activities in Dubai listed above will surely make your vacation in the UAE amazing.

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