Suggested family holidays in Vietnam

Strengthen your family bond in Vietnam, the hidden pearl of Southeast Asia. You will have the opportunity to experience the authentic cuisine, enrich your knowledge with the country’s proud history and photograph the spectacular nature.

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Day 1: Xin chao, Vietnam!

Arrival at Noi Bai airport. The friendly tour guide will escort you to the hotel for check in. Have some free time to relax and rejuvenate after your flight, as we have an exciting agenda for the next few days.

Day 2: Discover the capital city of Hanoi.

Today’s first destination is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Your children will be amazed by the incredible stories of the Great Leader who brought independence to Vietnam.

In addition, you will stop at the One Pillar Pagoda to admire its unique lotus flower-inspired design. Next, at the Temple of Literature, you will have a chance to enrich your knowledge about the prestigious scholars of Vietnam’s history.

Note: As we will be walking around some religious and spiritual sites, we recommend formal outfits covering knees and shoulders.

Another important note is that Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum complex is closed on Mondays for maintenance. So if you visit on that day, you have another option to visit the surrounding area, which are also ancient buildings.

hanoi vietnam family tour 11 days.

Continue your tour to the Museum of Ethnology in the afternoon. Well-preserved artifacts from 54 ethic groups will become educational information for young children to learn about ethnic diversity.

Unfortunately, the Museum of Ethnology is also not open on Mondays. But you can choose to visit Hoa Lo Prison as an alternative. This is a place that demonstrates the tragic but heroic history of Vietnam.

Day 3: Cruise around the magnificent Halong Bay.

After breakfast, we will travel to Halong Bay. We highly recommend choosing a cruise to fully enjoy the view of the bay.

Upon arrival at the port, the crew members welcome you on board with a lunch with local seafood. Take your time to watch as the ship passes by lush green islands.

halong bay vietnam family tour 11 days

In the afternoon, it’s time to explore one of the new Seven Wonders, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site. You will have the option to hop on a bamboo rowboat or kayak to visit Bai Tu Long Bay and Vung Vieng fishing village.

Here your kids can get a close look at the daily life of the charming locals. Imagine paddling in the emerald water and observing the fascinating nature closely with your family, it is very satisfying.

Day 4: A serene morning in Halong Bay.

Say good morning to nature by joining the Tai Chi course on the sun deck. It is really refreshing for your mind. A hearty buffet breakfast will be served on board.

You will have the option to visit Thien Son Cave, home to enigmatic stalactites of incredible shapes. It is an excellent backdrop for taking memorable family photos with the majestic limestone karsts.

The afternoon will be a farewell to the crew. It’s time to return to Hanoi and head to another no less amazing destination, Danang.

Day 5: Experience the tranquility in the countryside of Hoi An.

From your hotel, your guide will transfer you to Tra Que village, a rural location in Hoi An. First, you will be explained the history of the village, the cultivation of vegetables and the use of vegetables in traditional Vietnamese medicine.

Next, we will take a walking tour on the rustic road to visit the poetic countryside. Arrive at the village, prepare your farming clothes and join the hospitable farmers to prepare the land and fertilize it with seaweed from the local lake.

You’ll become a real farmer, and so will your kids, with a full list of farming activities like raking, sowing, watering and picking vegetables. It’s such an old-fashioned way to spend the morning working on a farm. Afterwards, your family can enjoy a farm-to-table lunch with a local family. All ingredients are locally sourced.

hoian vietnam family tour 11 days2

Continue the trip to Hoi An ancient city in the afternoon. You will be energized with vivid lanterns, which create a wonderland for your children.

You can find small shops offering diverse and eye-catching handicrafts made by expert dressmakers and tailors. They can even make an entire outfit for you in a couple of days. Don’t forget to take a family photo at sunrise, when the dazzling sunlight highlights the yellow walls of Hot An.

Next, take a fun visit to Hoi An’s local market and follow the small lanes to see the Chinese Assembly Hall, the famous Japanese Covered Bridge and the Tan Ky Ancient House and Chinese Village across the canal. A stroll through tranquil Hoi An is a path that leads to inner peace for both children and adults.

Day 6: Magic Stones in Marble Mountain.

From Hoi An, hop in a car to transfer to Marble Mountain to get there. You will be overwhelmed with the marble limestone hills, dotted with Buddhist shrines.

Don’t forget to visit the stone carving village of Non Nuoc. It is right at the foot of the mountain. Here the skilled local sculptors have created many marble products that are exported to many countries around the world. Your children will love to discover how a marble statue is made.

Day 7: Ho Chi Minh’s night beauty.

Upon departure from Hoi An, you will be transferred to Danang by car. Board the flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Rest at the hotel and get ready for a luxury dinner on a river cruise.

hcm city vietnam family tour 11 days.

The Saigon River is illuminated at night by the led lights of the tall buildings and skyscrapers along the riverbank. Enjoying the gentle breeze on the sundeck while dining with the family is a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 8: A closer look at Ho Chi Minh City.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the Cu Chi tunnels, a complicated underground system with rest rooms, patient rooms and even hospitals. In addition, there is a wide collection of outdoor activities such as shooting, paintballing for the whole family to enjoy.

cu chi tunnel hcm city 11 days family tour.

Start your afternoon tour at the Notre Dame Cathedral, the remnant of elegant French architecture. Your next stop is the Saigon Post Office, the largest post office in Southeast Asia. Next, take photos with your family at the charming Ho Chi Minh City Hall. At the War Remnants Museum, you can spend an informative time with your children to discover the glorious history of Vietnam.

Day 9: Taste of the Mekong River in Ben Tre.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you will travel to the Land of Coconut, Ben Tre.

Hop on a boat to visit the local garden and taste fresh tropical fruits or Ben Tre’s specialties, such as coconut sweets or rice leaves. You’ll also meet the workshop owner and hear about the techniques of making accessories from coconut stalks during the trip.

mekong family tour 11 days

The afternoon will be quite free and easy with a cycling tour through the western village of Vietnam. Your family will have a chance to get a deep insight into the life of the locals here.

Today’s program is relaxing as you will travel to Can Tho, our last stop during this family vacation.

Day 10: Life on a boat in Can Tho.

Can Tho is famous for the colorful Cai Rang floating market. It offers staples such as meat, vegetables, fruits and many other local foods such as Hu Tieu, Bun, Pho.

Venture into some local villages, your children will have a chance to witness the amazing life of people living by the river. Your family will have an unforgettable time accompanying fishermen practicing traditional fishing techniques or artisans making traditional handicrafts.

You will return to Ho Chi Minh City in the evening and have free time to pack your luggage. Your departure flight will be tomorrow.

Day 11: Farewell, Vietnam!

It’s the end of your family’s journey through the lands of Vietnam. But the photos of your adventures will always remind you of the charm of the nature and the hospitality of the people. Have a good trip back home and come back in the near future.

Ảnh (Ellie)EllieI didn’t have many opportunities to travel growing up, so I decided to devote my young adult years to exploring the world. “Set out with a pure heart.” That’s my motto for any adventure in my life. And because sharing is caring, I love to write about my travels so the public can get an objective view of the destination. That’s what I do before I travel, set the right and open mind to welcome both obstacles and blessings. So stay tuned for my new stories.

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