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San Marino, the country completely surrounded by Italy and the 5th smallest country in the world. it has just an area of ​​24 square miles with around 33.5k inhabitants. San Marino is a small free country completely encompassed by Italy. It has a wonderful region, settled in the mountains near the Adriatic Sea. The capital, also known as San Marino, is a labyrinth of uneven medieval boulevards, dotted with bistros and small shops. From the watchtowers and piazzas, the outlook on the wide, all-encompassing openings is magnificent.

Flag of San Marino

It just doesn’t advertise that other close targets (like Rome, Florence and Venice).

Maybe this is something to be thankful for. For those up to date, fewer guests make walking the city roads and appreciating the outlook from the towers a less congested understanding.

San Marino is a nation that has exceeded our desires. It’s dazzling, it’s fun to investigate, the views over the nearby vineyards of Italy are breathtaking and the food is heavenly.

Fascinating facts about San Marino

San Marino is the third smallest state in Europe, with only the Vatican and Monaco being smaller. It is also the most seasoned republic in the world, having been founded in 301 by a stonemason named Marinus.

The city of San Marino is located on Mount Titano. This old-fashioned city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

San Marino is not a part of the European Union despite the fact that they use the euro as cash.

San Marino made Abraham Lincoln a privileged resident.

Try not to call the people who live here Italians (they are called Sammarines). They are satisfied with their autonomy from Italy.

Activities in San Marino

1. Walk the streets

Street view of San Marino

The city of San Marino is small and it is conceivable to cover most of it in just a few hours. It’s so spotless and beautiful that Tim and I felt like we were walking through a movie set.

Small shops can be found all over town. There were an incredible number of aroma stores, stores, and stores selling a variety of weapons.

2. Piazza Della Liberta

    Piazza Della Liberta

It is the most famous open square in San Marino. From there, enjoy views of the countryside, watch the changing of the Guardian, and see Palazzo Pubblico, the hall of the city of San Marino and its most notorious structure.

You can enter the Palazzo Pubblico when the gathering is not operating. Once inside, see the chambers and Abraham Lincoln’s letter to San Marino regarding the nation.

Climb the towers

1. Guaita


This is the most established and excellent of the three towers. It was worked in the eleventh century. Not only would you be able to admire the view from the top, but you can also walk along the ramparts?

Prepare for loads of steps. There is a changing staircase which is gradually similar to a stool to reach the highest point of the pinnacle.

2. Basket

    Tour of the road
Republic of San Marino, 2013

This peak is located on the most remarkable peak of Monte Titano. You can climb to the top and visit the gallery showing weapons from medieval occasions to display the day.

3. Montale


This is the third tower and not worth a visit. There is no passage in the pinnacle and it takes a 10 minute walk down and through the wooded areas to get to. The outlook for Guaita and Cesta is greatly improved.

4. Strange museums

There are some special little historical centers that you can visit in San Marino. These include the Museum of Torture, the Museum of Curiosity and Leonardo’s World.


The most useful approach to get to San Marino is by vehicle. You can drive straight into the city and there are different parking structures to leave your vehicle.

San Marino has no terminal and no trains go to San Marino.

If you depend on open transport, you can take transport from Rimini to the city center. Transport runs most of the time throughout the day and costs € 5 one way, € 10 the full loop.

The time you need !!

The city of San Marino is small, so a day is enough. You can visit San Marino as a day trip from Bologna (2 hour drive one way). From Florence and Tuscany it’s also possible to do this as a day trip, but at 3 hours one way, hope to invest a ton of energy in your vehicle.

Although we did not do this, I think a medium term stay in San Marino would be a wonderful meeting. Have a relaxed supper, watch the twilight, and enjoy the quiet alleys of the city after the day trippers return home.

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