Rapid immunization! Guam Expands COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility to 16 Years of Age

Since receiving its first shipment of vaccines on December 15, 2020, Guam has been proactively vaccinating the island according to its priority groups. As of March 29, Guam has fully vaccinated more than 25 percent of its qualified population and more than 39 percent have received at least one dose.

Sunset at Tumon Bay in Guam photo via Depositphotos.

To speed up the process and more quickly reach the goal set by the Governor, which aims to vaccinate 50% of Guam’s adult population (approximately 62,500 people) by May 1, and 80% of the qualified population by July 21, the Vaccine and Antiviral Prioritization Policy Committee (VAPPC) has approved expanding the eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine to residents 16 years of age and older.

Effective immediately, minors may be vaccinated at designated medical centers and sites.

On the other hand, Guam has been reporting low positive numbers in recent months to demonstrate the effectiveness of the COVID-19 virus containment system on the island. In addition, the GVB’s Guam Safe Certified x WTTC Safe Travels program is now available for stores and businesses to apply to demonstrate their health and hygiene protocol and prepare for the reopening of tourism.

GVB stated that they are working around the clock just to provide a safe and hygienic travel destination for those who favor Guam. As the island continues to work around the clock to combat the pandemic, consumers will soon expect to return to Guam.

Guam tourist information

Guam’s natural beauty and white sand beaches make it one of the most desirable tourist destinations. Guam is the largest island in Micronesia, with 550 square kilometers and about 170,000 inhabitants. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities, such as scuba diving, duty-free shopping, and cultural and historical tours.

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