First Look: Celebrity mom Nikki Gil-Albert shows us her life at home

Manila, Philippines – Nikki Gil opens her home for the first time and talks about how her life has changed during the pandemic. Unable to go out to work and socialize, the celebrity mom shares how she rediscovered her home by turning quarantine time into quality time for her family. Take a closer look at her home in this exclusive video.

Nikki Gil using PLDT Wifi Mesh

A shared social space for home entertainment

Taking every opportunity to bond and connect, Nikki shows off her favorite place for the family to hang out: the living room couch. Doing different things and entertaining while still being together has become very special to her. “Someone could be binge watching Netflix, I’d be browsing Instagram and my son would be on YouTube Kids. I like that even though we’re each doing our own thing, we’re still together, we’re still spending time together.”

Work and learn anytime, anywhere

Showcasing her own corner of the house, Nikki shares that she has even enrolled in online art classes to rekindle her love for art. In addition to organizing online events, checking important emails, and attending virtual social gatherings, she has made good use of her home office, where the Internet plays a key role in her daily activities. “I’ve found that a strong and stable Internet connection has been very important to me in the past year. And I’m very grateful that PLDT Home has been so reliable and has been a partner in being productive and staying in touch.”

Equipped with PLDT Home’s new Mesh WiFi system, the whole family benefits from a strong connection anywhere in the home, whether it’s for entertainment, online classes, web-based meetings, or even preparing meals and deliveries over the Internet.

Secure Parental Controls

Another aspect of the PLDT Home Wifi Mesh system that is important to Nikki is parental controls. “One of my favorite features is the parental controls. I can block any inappropriate content or websites that I don’t want my child to have access to. Also, I can limit the amount of time my child can use the device.”

Celebrity mom, Nikki Gil-Albert, gives us a glimpse into her life at home.
Celebrity mom, Nikki Gil-Albert, gives us a glimpse into her life at home.

Coverage of the entire household

Nikki and her family now enjoy a seamless connection anywhere in the home with no dead spot issues. The PLDT Home Wifi Mesh system supports 2.4 and 5 GHz and is capable of delivering up to 800 Mbps in a seamless, wide coverage network. This means having a connection throughout your home with no lag or dead spots. “You know you go around the house and you’re streaming something or talking to someone and it just disappears. This solves just that. Wherever you are in the house you’ll have the same WiFi signal,” shares Nikki.

Watch the full video here and find out how PLDT’s new home WiFi mesh system can boost connections in the same way it has helped Nikki enjoy greater productivity at home.

You can get your own PLDT Home Wifi Mesh system for as low as Php298 per month for a starter kit that comes with two (2) mesh units. Visit to know more.

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